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    Llano Craft Distillery has suffered a great loss with the passing of our dear daughter Danielle Carmichael. Her sudden and untimely passing has left a monstrous hole in everything we do. Danielle was a true artist in every sense of the word. Everything she did, she did with flair. There are so many reminders of her throughout our distillery. Danielle was a graphic artist and designed our logo, labels, menus, and ads. Her style and approach gave our brand a unique look that was praised not only by our customers but by professionals in the industry.

    As a trained sommelier she had a marvelous ability to pair tastes and flavors and employed that talent in the creation of many of the craft cocktails served in our tasting room. If you have ever enjoyed one of our unique cocktails you have Danielle to thank for that. She also assisted in the distillation of our spirits and the quality control for consistency between batches, which is essential in a small batch distillery like ours.

    Interior design and decor were another area that Danielle excelled in and whether designing a set for a theatrical production, a home interior, or a business, she was often consulted by many for ideas and input. She was critical in the design and decoration of our tasting room. Her style of understated elegance is evident throughout.

    In addition to her artistic ability, Danielle was a shrewd political analyst. She closely followed what was going on in the world and could tell you exactly what was happening in Washington, London, Brussels, or anywhere else in the world of political intrigue and decision making. This often led to lively conversations with customers, family, and friends. When paired with her quick wit and sense of humor, the atmosphere she created will undoubtedly be missed by everyone. Unlike many of her generation, Danielle was wise beyond her years in her understanding and knowledge in a wide-ranging field of topics. She also often functioned in the role of counselor and confidant to friends who needed a listening ear or understanding heart.

    Danielle was truly a one-of-a-kind person. If you knew her then you already know that. If you never had the chance to get to know her, then you have no idea what you missed. One thing is certain, her departure from this world left us with a gaping hole in our business and an even bigger hole in our hearts. We have confidence in the fact that Danielle put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the hope of redemption in Him. She is no doubt now enjoying decorating her mansion in Heaven and we will see her again in the life to come. Until then we will miss our dear Danielle.

Tribute to

Danielle Carmichael

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